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RAQUEL is the name of a relational database programming language

          and also

RAQUEL is the name of the database management system that executes that language.
Open Source Project
The RAQUEL Database System is being developed as an Open Source Project.
A prototype of the system has been published,
                     with a simple GUI frontend to illustrate the RAQUEL notation.
Contributors to the project are welcome,
                     be they potential users, developers or 'enablers'. See the "Joining the Project" menu option.
Planned Benefits of the RAQUEL Database System
A more powerful, flexible and easier-to-use database language than SQL. It is extendable so that it can manipulate a variety of different kinds of data stored in relations (i.e. is automatically object-relational).
A modular construction that can be tailored to different kinds of circumstances. It also accommodates plug-ins to support different kinds of data, and (to maximise performance) different kinds of physical storage.
The SourceForge website is used in conjunction with this website
The source code of the prototype DBMS, together with that of a simple GUI that works with it, is downloadable from SourceForge. See RAQUEL on SourceForge for details.
SourceForge is used for software development and code maintenance, plus communications with users and developers via email.