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Demonstration Prototype

By its very nature, a Database Management System (= DBMS) needs some kind of "Driver Application" that gives it statements to execute and to which it can return responses resulting from executing the statements. Therefore the demonstration prototype consists of 2 parts, the DBMS and a driver application.

In order to demonstrate the RAQUEL notation, it is convenient for the driver application to be a means for users to write statements in RAQUEL, send them to the DBMS for execution, and see the results which the DBMS returns. Hence the driver application is in fact a simple RAQUEL 'Teaching Tool' with a GUI front-end designed for the sole purpose of trying out the RAQUEL notation.
       Consequently there are 2 (compressed 'tar') files, one for the RAQUEL DBMS program code, and the other for the RAQUEL GUI/Teaching Tool. Further details are as follows :

If you have any queries about the prototype software, or any difficulties in getting the software installed and running, please send an email to

To put RAQUEL into perspective, both as a database programming language and as a DBMS, the following may be helpful :