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Joining the Project

The RAQUEL project aims to operate in the traditional Open Source fashion; i.e. the idea is to produce an "interesting" prototype, publish the prototype, and then try to build up a group of user-developers who will contribute to the project in a variety of ways so that the RAQUEL DBMS can be grown into a useful and worthwhile system.

The prototype published via this website is intended to constitute the "interesting" prototype. For those interested in relational databases, the 2 points of interest are intended to be the RAQUEL notation and the modular architecture. The latter is perhaps hard to see given the small size of the present prototype. However the modular construction is conducive to Open Source development in that it means that contributors need only be aware of the module(s) that they are particularly involved with and not the entire DBMS. It is hoped that the prototype is sufficient to demonstrate the salient characteristics of RAQUEL as a language. For example it provides a comprehensive range of Join operators and multiple assignments can appear in one statement. The power and simplicity that the language is intended to provide relies on the fact that it implements the full Relational Model. Thus it is conceptually as well as syntactically different from SQL.

Note that this website is itself a prototype in that while it is hoped that it provides all the basic information that those interested to join may want, it is known to have omissions and 'rough edges'. Feedback to improve this will be appreciated. Please send any comments by email to