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Just as other Open Source projects find it useful to have both 'Users' and 'Developers', so does this project. However there is an additional category of people that would be useful to the project who could be called 'Enablers'.

It is anticipated that users will be those with a general interest in relational databases, particularly those who for whatever reason find SQL or SQL products not as helpful as they would like. Users may well be primarily interested in RAQUEL as a notation, to see if it makes it easier to write (say) queries.
At the moment the project would appreciate those interested in testing the prototype, although those with longer-term requirements could also be helpful.
The DBMS is written in C/C++. (The GUI/Teaching Tool is written in Tcl/TK but uses some C/C++ modules). It is designed to run on Linux. Other operating systems are not ruled out (e.g. MS Windows), but currently it is not clear whether there would any interest and resources for this.
C/C++ contributors might be :
  • programmers interested in developing new modules, reviewing existing modules, and/or testing and debugging existing modules;
  • programmers interested in architectural considerations at the code level.
  • Other ??
  • Because the project lacks experience of Open Source development as opposed to commercial software development, it would be very useful to have contributors with such experience who could offer practical advice and support specific to this project.
  • Practical help with with support tools and systems. Those currently used are SourceForge, Subversion, GNU Autotools, and the Eclipse IDE.
  • Because of the desire to give the DBMS a modular "Lego-like" architecture, anyone with experience and interest in such architectures would be helpful. (Formal Methods to specify module interfaces ?).