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The project is looking for contributors. They could contribute in ways large or small. Their contributions could involve a great variety of different interests, knowledge and skills - see the "Help Wanted" side menu option for more details.

Currently an informal approach is taken to contributions.

In the longer term, it might become desirable to use a CLA (= "Contributor Licence Agreement"). This is now generally considered desirable for an Open Source project - see chapter 9 of Karl Fogel's book, Producing Open Source Software.

A CLA would be used to safeguard both the contributor and the Raquel Database System project. This is to ensure that a contribution is maintained as a genuine Open Source contribution and cannot later be exploited by Third Parties for their own benefit but to the detriment of the contributor and project. The CLA does not transfer copyright ownership, but rather grants full rights to the project to use contributions while the contributor retains full rights to use their own contributions as they wish.

This Contributor Licence Agreement is currently considered the sort of agreement that could be useful.

For anything to do with contributing to the project, please send an email to