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Introduction to Computer Programming

This module begins in the week beginning 25 September. To be prepared for its start, make sure you carry out the preparatory tasks (click here).

Please fill in the new Learning Style survey.

Welcome to the resource page for CMSCD1003 Introduction to Computer Programming.

For this module you will need to ensure you have a copy of the course text:

Important price announcement

Following discussions with the publishers during which I expressed concern that we felt the book was now way overpriced, they have agreed to drop the price to £20 at Blackwell's bookshop in Liverpool. If any student has already bought the book from Blackwells, come to see me as McGraw-Hill have said they might be able to offer some vouchers. Make sure you have your receipt, or at least some proof you bought it from Blackwells. For the time being, I am removing the link to WH Smith Online as that is now the more costly option.

"A First Course in Computer Programming Using C", by King, M.J., Pardoe, J.P. & Vickers, P.; McGraw-Hill, 1995. You can buy the book from Blackwell's bookshop in Liverpool.

Follow the links on the left for a module summary, work schedule, assessment requirements etc.