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Module Resources

Here are the files for the referral coursework.

Description File


Outline design


Input file times.dat
Sample output file results.dat
Working program refer.exe

Here are the program outlines for the workbook programs.

Description File
Chapter 2 ch2a.c
Chapter 3 ch3.c
Chapter 4 ch4.c
Chapter 5 ch5a.c
ch5b.c & ch5b.dat 
Chapter 6 ch6a.c
Chapter 7 ch7a.c & ch7a.dat
ch7b.c & ch7b.dat
Chapter 8 ch8a.c & ch8a.dat
ch8b.c & ch8b.dat
Chapter 9 ch9a.c
ch9b.c & ch9b.dat
Chapter 10 ch10a.c
ch10b.c & ch10b.dat
ch10c.c & ch10c.dat
Chapter 13 ch13a.c & ch13a.dat
ch13b.c & ch13b.dat