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Module Summary

This module aims to provide an introduction to computer programming that emphasises good programming practice and using the computer in a methodical and effective manner.

We assume that you have no prior knowledge of the subject and thus begin from first principles. the module provides you, the novice, with practical instruction in the application of fundamental programming techniques. Whilst the focus is on the correct use of programming language, good design practice is emphasised throughout.


The module is assessed by:

bulletCompletion of the programming workbook containing the programming exercises

You are expected to have completed the exercises shown in the schedule by the end of the corresponding week. E.g., the material in chapter 9 will be covered in the week beginning 6/11 so the exercises Ch9a.c and Ch9b.c should be completed by 10/11.

We will check that workbooks are being completed satisfactorily. Each student can expect their workbook to be checked up to three times during the semester. As you will be completing parts of the workbook during tutorial and lab sessions it is vital that you bring it with you each time.

The completed workbook must be submitted by the end of the semester. The deadline for submitting your workbook is:

Workbook submission deadline: Friday 1 December, 2000.

Passing the module Unlike most other subjects, you will not be awarded a percentage mark for this module. Instead you will be given one of the following grades:-

GP Good pass - you've met all the basic learning outcomes to a good standard
P Pass - you've demonstrated a good-enough grasp of programming principles
CF Compensatable Failure - you've not quite shown that you have grasped the basics of programming, but the failure may be compensated subject to the usual requirements (see section in student hand book on compensation and referral)
F Fail - unfortunately, you have not yet managed to show us that you've grasped the basics. Not to worry, programming can take a while to sink in, and you will be given an opportunity to make good the failure in the Easter referrals.