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CMSCD3005 Software Systems: Planning & Design

These pages are intended to complement the lecture course for this module.

NEW: Online discussion forum. Click here for details.

Ok, so you've taken lots of notes in the lectures, but you couldn't copy down the diagrams, or you simply need a framework around which to organise all those pieces of paper to help with exam revision. Well, by following the Lecture Slides link you can view and obtain copies of the overhead projector transparencies that I used in the lectures.

You want to work through past exam papers. And you want to know where to get them. Well, look no further than this link.

As a reminder, full information on the coursework assignment can be viewed via the Coursework link.

For a full reading list including on-line ordering facilities, where to find the books in the library and even how to try getting hold of those now out-of-print titles, follow the Suggested Reading link. I have also included some top tips on how to make best use of the reading list.

The discussion board allows you to interact with me and students on the module. Post your own questions and thoughts.

Finally, any additional material that I think may be of use can be found on the Supplementary page.