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Lecture Slides

For your entertainment & amusement or even for your benefit, here are the OHP transparencies from the lectures. Note, these transparencies are only intended for viewing by JMU students studying CMSCD3005 Software Systems: Planning & Design. They are not for reproduction elsewhere.

Each set of transparencies can be viewed as HTML pages and downloaded as a Powerpoint presentation (either as a raw Powerpoint file, or a zipped Powerpoint V4.0 for weeks 1-3)

Topic View HTML ppt V4.0 (zipped)
Introduction Week 1 week1.ppt
Functional Decomposition Week 2 week2.ppt
Models & Paradigms Week 3 week3.ppt
JSD I Actions & Entities Week 4 week4.ppt
JSD II Models Week 5a week5a.ppt
JSD III Networks Week 5b week5b.ppt
JSD IV Implementation Week 6a week6a.ppt
Methods & Methodology Week 6b week6b.ppt
Problem Analysis & Structure Week 7 week7.ppt
Multi-Frame Problems Week 8 week8.ppt
Problem Frames Concepts Week9 week9.ppt

Problem Frames Heuristics
See handout

Week10 week10.ppt
Grown-up Software Development Week10b week10b.ppt

No lecture Weeks 11 & 12 - coursework preparation & bank holiday

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