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Questions from Week 3

bulletWhy might we consider the software development process to be a feedback process?
bulletShould we use the functional requirements as the focus for system design?
bulletWhat role do assumptions play in system design?

Questions from Week 4

bulletWhy is it claimed that JSD facilitates system maintenance? If the claim is true, what is its significance?
bulletHow would you explain the statement 'a JSD model is a realisation of an abstract description of the real world'?
bulletUse simple (???) payroll system to show how the validity of the system's outputs is crucially affected by the quality of the model or simulation of the real world.
bulletIf the system developer and the user have different understandings of the computer system's behaviour, any information produced by the system is suspect. Is this statement correct? Does JSD do anything to help overcome this problem?

Questions from Week 5

Using information from the Stitch in Time case study:

bulletDraw up a candidate list of events
bulletDraw up a candidate list of entities

What entities will you reject from your model, and why?

Questions from Week 6

See tutorial handout.

Questions from Week 7

Read through the Poly Fleet Hire case study (Acrobat 3.01 format), then:

bulletAmend the specification so that a report can be generated which provides a list of all those completed car hirings that lasted for more than eight days in the last nine months. The report process is to be run at the manager's discretion (i.e., it is not a scheduled process).
bulletMake sure you draw/amend any structure diagrams & structure texts as necessary.