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Function Point Analysis

Apart from the program auralization work I am also interested in Function Point Analysis (FPA).

FPA is a way of sizing software systems in terms of their purpose, or function rather than by lines of code. It was invented by Allan Albrecht of IBM and has been refined by Charles Symons of Nolan, Norton & Co. Symons' FPA Mk II method is not widely accepted in the USA but has a large user base in the UK and in Europe.

The UK Function Point User Group (UFPUG), formerly known as the European Function Point User Group (EFPUG) exsists to support users of FPA and FPA Mk II within the UK. It has annual conferences around the UK. For a couple of years I was chairman of EFPUG's Counting Practices Committee. Pressures of work and a move to other areas of formal research caused me to hand over that position to others more able to devote the time to it.

FPA Mk II has UK government backing and support inasmuch as it now forms part of the SSADM V4.0 method.

If you want to know more about FPA then get my introduction to the subject now by clicking on the PDF logo below

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