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Dates Program

This assignment will give you some practice in writing larger programs. A full specification of the problem is available as an Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) file on the resources page. You can also download all the files you need for the program from there.


The program outline (menu.c) is available on the resources page. 

You can access a working copy of the full dates program in MS-DOS and Windows formats from the resources page.

You might like to make a copy of this full version to use as a reference when working on the program. Running it will also give you a feel for what the specifications really mean.

The outline program you have been supplied mirrors the style of the exercises in the course textbook. However, you will find that we have already coded some of the design statements and that these pre-coded statements use features of the C language that have not been covered on the course up to this point. DO NOT WORRY if you do not follow the code we have provided. If you are interested in finding out how this code works, then read ahead in the book (relevant chapter/page numbers are given). 

Above all, try to enjoy it. Programming is fun! It can also be mind-numbingly frustrating at times, but hey, you didn't come to university just to let your brain atrophy.