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Re: Funnier than Dilbert/Open Source

From: Paul Vickers
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Of course it's not real life. It reflects aspects of real life. The success of cartoons is that they exaggerate real life to the point that it becomes absurd and consequently humorous.

What I do like is that many of the Dilbert cartoons are based on 'real-life' situations sent in by the readers. This, to me, is the perfect job. You get other people to provide your source material and inspiration. You then package it and sell it back to those same people who then send you more source material for free.

In some ways, Adams *is* the pointy-haired boss, exploiting the masses. The difference is that he knows he's doing it and encourages everyone else to do the same.

Well, enough of that. As there won't be any Dilbert questions on the exam, let's discuss entity-relationship diagrams instead now, eh?


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