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Re: Funnier than Dilbert/Open Source

From: too late to stop now  - must proceed until bone exposed
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Precisely the point I've been trying to make. Glad you agree!! LOL...well almost

Thing is, there is no reason to believe that these 'aspects of real-life' are anything of the sort. Just because they exist in the minds of workers doesn't make them fundamental laws! In reading about them, the reader is flattered into thinking that their biased, mundane observations are genuine insights, despite the cartoon failing to provide any adequate context for proper judgement, or any actual solutions to the problems it "exposes". It is ultimately vacuous, "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury" etc!! Often funny tho - randomness can occasionally APPEAR to have internal logic. But if you want the real thing, there's always Coca-Cola.

As for ERDs, they suk. The points made about the fact that this technique relies to heavily on (possibly false) assumptions is entirely correct. I remember making exactly this point to John Willets about 3 years ago on my HND, only to be told "an author has many books at that is the END OF THE STORY". End of the story. Don't you just hate that?? See this page for more info: -

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