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Re: SSADM is rubbish

From: Paul Vickers
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I'm not sure that moving to YSM was anything more than a sideways move, as one is still attempting to use the one-method-fits-all paradigm.

In Greek mythology Procrustes used this approach with his guest bed: if the guest was too small for the bed Procrustes put him on a rack; if he was too large, then the body was trimmed to size.

It is my contention that we should move away from this 'my method is better than your method' zealotry and instead focus on true methodology: that is, understand what type of problem we're dealing with and then find a suitable method that is expressly designed to solve problems of that type.

That method may end up being SSADM, but as you already know, I have a secondary problem there and that is that SSADM insists on using top-down design.


Last changed: October 05, 2001