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Re: SSADM - Who cares outside of the Government?

From: Paul Vickers
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To answer that question you have to differentiate between project management methods and development methods. Your comments imply that a method includes both aspects and hence may be unsuitable for small projects.

I would argue that a true method should focus only on helping you to solve a particular problem and that the project management issues should be addressed separately. For example, strictly speaking SSADM does not cover project management as that aspect is covered by PRINCE. A better example would be JSP for programming. JSP helps you to solve a specific class of problem where you can identify structured input and output datastreams. It makes no attempt to tell you how to marshall resources. As such it can be used by any programmer on any compatible programming problem regardless of organisation size.

People criticise JSD for not addressing project aspects such as feasibility, project management etc, but that's the whole point. It's a method to help you solve problems of the dynamic-information-system kind. You can use suitable project management techniques to suit the environment.

Don't mix project management up with the method.


Last changed: October 05, 2001