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Re: SSADMadness

From: Paul Vickers
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Exactly. JSD does not claim to be a method that will help you decide what needs to be done. It assumes the requirements etc have already been specified. And therein lies one of its strengths: it says on the box what you can and cannot do with it. JSD is used to specify and implement a dynamic information system, and that's all. It does not pretend to help with requirements gathering, feasibility, investigation etc. It leaves those aspects to techniques that were designed to do that.

The danger with many methods is that they try to convince you that they do help you solve the hard problems when, in fact, they don't. At least JSD is honest in this regard.

My personal view is that we should be looking to soft thinking (for example, SSM) to help us define the problem in the first place. Once we understand the problem, we can then use good requirements analysis techniques to scope the system. Then you pick the appropriate method (or methods) to design the machine.


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