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Re: SSADM - Who cares outside of the Government?

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Forgive me my error. It is just that, regardless of the fine print of any given method(ology?), the general idea of methods has constantly been sold to me without the necessary context to differentiate it from a 'magic box of tricks' that creates systems from scratch.

I understand that this is not necessarily the intended function of SSADM etc but there appear to be certain individuals who cannot grasp this. ("how do you define your requirements?<handwave> You could use a methodology - SSADM blaa, blaaa")

That said, the more bureaucratic and procedural aspects of methods do seem to imply that some hard stuff be approached a certain way. Specifically, one could make the general observation that methods dictate that systems problems are exclusively those that exist within the realm of data. OS/Hardware/Sware issues, efficiency, coding etc etc are assumed to be trifling issues.

(PS anyone who thinks that marginal increases in software efficiency are an issue of the past should speak to someone running an Apache web server)

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