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From: Paul Vicars
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I have my own thoughts on methodologies, and one is why just use one of them all the time. The government just uses SSADM, which reading through comments no one likes for one reason or another. No two projects are the same, are never going to be changed to look the same. Developers should not use one methodology for each project nor should they use a methodology that they like.

Instead developers should use a selection from each of the preferred methodologies they have (i.e. a top 10 list of methodologies) in order to create/develop an application. This may sound a hard task to do and it would probably be a very long process, but should it not pay dividends to the company?

Also another point, why don't all the methodology creators get together and create the most brilliant, super duper methodology the World has ever seen, this should sort the boys from the men and the girls from the women and give you brilliant, super duper applications as a byproduct.

Thoughts?! Or as it's very late on in the day I am probably writing gibberish and no one understands me.

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