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bzzzt. Thank you for playing

From: Sceptic Tank
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Sorry, but you are missing the point COMPLETELY.

I didn't want to carry on with this whole thing in public, but now everyone has graduated maybe you would be interested in having this debate properly. Maybe you have better things to do. I dunno, but I still have a case to make and would like the opportunity to do so without feeling pressure on me to be 'nice' (which results in me going too easy on the opponent ;).

It's incredibly frustrating to have someone claim to agree with you when they clearly cannot grasp the true ramifications of what you are saying.

I haven't been trying hard enough, but now there are no outside parties to 'judge' me etc I would like to restart from square one and do this thing properly. Yes, I am a pedantic crank. No, I don't care.

There were certain aspects of this module that annoyed the HELL out of me, and I can explain why in great detail given the opportunity. Of course, there is no reason to take this seriously, as I am a mere buffoon.

If you couldn't give a damn, fair play. But, you don't understand me, and you need to be made aware of this :p If you can't be bothered, say so, and that will be the end of it (even though I'll still be right!!!)

Yours in anticipation

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