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Audio Kit List

Here is a list of all the audio kit I use/will use in my research and other music-related activities.

Roland D-20 (personal)

Roland D-20 synth

I got this in 1991 as it offered synthesis and sequencing for a reasonable price. The sounds are ok, especially if extra patch libraries are purchased, but compared to a D-50 it sounds a bit thin. However, when used in conjunction with the DS-330 (below) and my superb Oberheim MC3000 controller, you can create some awesome multi-layered patches.

Boss DS-330 (personal)

(No picture) This is a nice little GM/GS module and was the sound generator used to make the CAITLIN auralisations. I bought it in 1993.

Oberheim MC3000 (Personal)

Oberheim MC3000

This is my new controller keyboard which arrived yesterday (7/02/01). It has 2 MIDI ins and 8 MIDI outs, a patch bay, 8 zones (+ 8 auxilliary zones), 48 sysex tables, 8 pedal inputs, three wheels, 8 control sliders, programmable velocity and aftertouch curves and a superb weighted 88-note keyboard. It's a fantastic piece of kit and I can't believe it's only £799. It blows the Fatar/Studiologic controllers out of the water on a £/feature basis. If you want one (or the reduced spec MC2000, Turnkey in London are the only UK supplier).

One warning: it weighs in at 27.4 Kg! I had to get a new QuickLok stand to accommodate it!

EMU Proteus 2000 (Personal)

Emu Proteus 2000 module

I shall be getting this 128-note polyphonic synth in the next few months to complement my DS-330 & D-20..