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Much effort has gone into exploring the role and utility of external graphical representations of programs in visualisation.

Our approach is to investigate how sound can be used as a communication medium for software visualisation, or rather, auralisation. Program auralisation is the mapping of program information to sound. The CAITLIN system auralises a program so that one is able to hear, through a musical framework, its execution. Our belief is that an audio representation (auditory display) of a program will enable a programmer to recognise patterns and behaviours not otherwise apparent with more traditional visual display techniques.

The CAITLIN system was developed for a PhD project in an attempt to determine whether musical auralisations of Pascal programs can usefully assist the novice programmer with debugging. CAITLIN musically auralises programs written in Turbo Pascal and presents the user with an integrated environment for carrying out auralisation, compilation and running of programs.

Why not read the tutorial to get an overview of what musical program auralisation is about? From the tutorial page you can also access example auralisations that you can listen to online (Internet Explorer) or can download as MP3 for off-line or Netscape/Opera listening.


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I have put together a small lexicon of auditory display to explain some of the more common terms.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss doing a PhD or possible research collaboration then please do get in touch. Either e-mail me or see my personal homepage for full contact addresses

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bulletRoss, D. Music programmes to find bugs IEE Review, 2003, 19.
bulletHenderson, T. Sound of music to bring out the bugs The Journal, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2002, 22.
bulletSurvey fever BBC Music Magazine, 2002, 4.
bulletZimmermann, R. Schräge Töne im Programm: Die Erfindung eines Doktoranden macht Software-Fehler hörbar SonntagsZeitung, Zurich, 2002, 127.

Bugs swarm in the dark. Music plays and in its light logic is made clear

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