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PhD Thesis

CAITLIN: Implementation of a Musical Program Auralisation System to Study the Effects on Debugging Tasks as Performed by Novice Pascal Programmers, Loughborough University, Dept. of Computer Science, 1999

You can download the entire PhD thesis here in both Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and PostScript formats. I can't vouch for the usability of the PostScript files: all I can say is that they work for me!!



Front pages

Download 45.90Kb

Download 529.21Kb

Chapter 1 Introduction

Download 38.65Kb

Download 411.75Kb

Chapter 2 Sound in human-computer interaction

Download 134.15Kb Download 1461.93Kb

Chapter 3 Music, auralisation, and programming

Download 56.1Kb Download 731Kb

Chapter 4 A musical program auralisation tool

Download 1149.13Kb Download 16241.06Kb

Chapter 5 A structured approach to auralisation design

Download 313.38Kb Download 19211.72Kb

Chapter 6 Musical auralisation and bug location

Download 1822.09Kb Download 4677.40Kb

Chapter 7 Discussion and conclusions

Download 43.99Kb Download 492.94Kb

Appendix A Glossary

Download 17.71Kb Download 92.57Kb

Appendix B Subject workbook

Download 69.26Kb Download 486.53Kb

Appendix C Listening test responses

Download 13.2Kb Download 110.06Kb

Appendix D Debugging test

Download 69.69Kb Download 496.16Kb

Appendix E References

Download 64.81Kb Download 571.38Kb

Appendix F CD track listing

Download 22.72Kb Download 75.36Kb



The thesis has an accompanying 48-track audio CD. Unfortunately, even zipped up it would take 195Mb! Therefore, in the table below you will find RealAudio versions of all the tracks. Click on the track number to play it. The quality is not high (20Kb/sec), but it makes for small files. If you are desperate for a copy of the CD itself, either check the thesis out of the library at Loughborough University, or send me 5.00 sterling and I will send you a copy with a pretty label on it. Email me for details.







Fig 3.1 Semitone shift 25 Fig 5.2 CASE with a match
02 Fig 4.11 Generic selection motif 26 Fig 5.2 CASE with no match
03 Fig 4.12 Generic iteration motif 27 Fig 5.2 CASE…ELSE with a match
04 Fig 4.15 IF yielding True 28 Fig 5.2 CASE…ELSE with no match
05 Fig 4.16 IF yielding False 29 Fig 5.3 WHILE (2 iterations)
06 Fig 4.17 IF…ELSE yielding True 30 Fig 5.3 REPEAT (3 iterations)
07 Fig 4.18 IF…ELSE yielding False 31 Fig 5.3 FOR (6 iterations)
08 Fig 4.19 CASE with a match 32 Fig 5.3 FOR…DOWNTO (6 iterations)
09 Fig 4.20 CASE with no match 33 Program A1 Normal speed
10 Fig 4.21 CASE…ELSE with a match 34 Program A1 Slow
11 Fig 4.22 CASE...ELSE with no match 35 Program A2 Normal
12 Fig 4.23 WHILE (2 iterations) 36 Program A2 Slow
13 Fig 4.24 REPEAT (3 iterations) 37 Program A3 Normal
14 Fig 4.25 FOR (10 iterations) 38 Program A3 Slow
15 Fig 4.26 FOR…DOWNTO (10 iterations) 39 Program A4 Normal
16 Fig 4.30 WHILE (2 iterations) 40 Program A4 Slow
17 Fig 4.31 REPEAT (3 iterations) 41 Program A5 Normal
18 Fig 4.32 FOR (6 iterations) 42 Program A5 Slow
19 Fig 4.33 FOR…DOWNTO (6 iterations) 43 Program A6 Normal
20 Fig 5.1 Complete program 44 Program A6 Slow
21 Fig 5.2 IF yielding True  45 Program A7 Normal
22 Fig 5.2 IF yielding False 46 Program A7 Slow
23 Fig 5.2 IF…ELSE yielding True 47 Program A8 Normal
24 Fig 5.2 IF…ELSE yielding False 48 Program A8 Slow

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