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From time to time, kindly people at other universities indulge me and ask me to come and give a seminar on this research. I am always open to invitations, but if you want a sneak preview at the sort of thing I might say, why not download the slides (PDF format) from a seminar I gave at the Open University in October 2002?

University of Glasgow - May 2004

I went up to Glasgow University to speak to Prof. Stephen Brewster's group. I recorded the seminar and below is the CD of the event in Windows Media format. If you want to read along, then the presentation slides are available as a PDF file.


This seminar is now available as a Podcast. Here are three ways to get it:
1.    If you are an iTunes user you can subscribe to the Podcast directly with this one-click subscription link
2.  Or, visit the Podcast's page at the iTunes Music Store with this link.
3.  Otherwise enter the following URL into your Podcasting software:



CD Track


01 Steve Brewster's welcome.wma


02 Introduction.wma


03 In the news.wma


04 Rewind.wma


05 Program auralisation.wma


06 Why music-.wma


07 The CAITLIN system.wma


08 IF True.wma


09 IF ELSE False.wma


10 CASE ELSE Match.wma


11 WHILE.wma


12 REPEAT.wma


13 FOR.wma


14 Sequence and nesting.wma


15 Two experiments.wma


16 Gamelan.wma


17 Sonification aesthetics.wma


18 Questions and answers.wma