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DOP manual
doproman.pdf ( 2096394 Bytes )
Here is the manual for Voyetra Digital Orchestrator
Foley Art
This web site gives a nice overview of the history and practice of Foley art (film sound to you and me). Well worth having a good look at.
The Design Mind and Designed Music
Essential Reading
Eric Somers (a friend of mine) runs the Sandbook studio which creates sound compositions, web pages, and multimedia productions. On his web site ( you will find some very interesting writings on the link between sound and vision in art and design.

Especially interesting are Prof Somers' ideas on how one medium inform another The Sandbook Studio is currently exploring the use of sound to aid design students in developing their ability to solve visual design problems.
Pychoacoustics & the grammar of audio
Steve Donofrio has put together a useful little glossary of terms encountered in the study of sound, music, and psychoacoustics.
You can download "Pychoacoustics & the grammar of audio" as a PDF file at
Auditory display
Program auralisation
Paul Vickers' web site has details of a project to investigate musical program auralisation.

Prof. Stephen Brewster's site at Glasgow University is a mine of earcon-related information.

Sonification of the Pacific Ocean
Bob Sturm, the ComposerScientist has done some very interesting work on sonification. He has a CD out of music generated by sonifying the data from buoys in the Pacific Ocean

The International Community for Auditory Display is a good repository of work in and contacts for much of today's auditory display research.
Sound loops &c
Sites for getting free sound files:
  • offers loads of sound files with Flash previews.
  • is a useful search tool for, guess what, finding sounds.
  • Conquer Sound Loops offers a few nicely edited guitar loops.
  • Flash Thief has some low-fidelity loops designed for Flash presentations which are useful nonetheless.
  • Sample Arena has loads of downloadable snippets.
  • Sounds from the movies
  • has yet more loops.
  • a good repository of WAV, MP3, and MIDI files
  • Converting MIDI to audio in DOP
    DOP.txt ( 1159 Bytes )
    You may experience difficulty in recording your MIDI as audio in DOP. The attached document explains how to change the machine settings so that you can successfully record your MIDI data onto a pair of stereo tracks.
    DOP video tutorials
    Dop3_1s.avi ( 5877692 Bytes )
    Dop3_2s.avi ( 4419414 Bytes )
    Dop3_3s.avi ( 5754322 Bytes )
    Dop3_4s.avi ( 4676886 Bytes )
    Dop3_5s.avi ( 5421856 Bytes )
    dopro_vid.exe ( 2240144 Bytes )
    Here are five video tutorials that should help you get into working with Digital Orchestrator Pro. Alternatively, you can download them as self-extracting archives from

    Also available is dopro_vid.exe which is a larger format video but which uses its own media player (I think).
    Cubasis guide
    Cubasis.pdf ( 6586398 Bytes )

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