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Other interests

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Welcome to my research zone. In these pages you can find out what I'm up to. The main focus is on program auralization which comes under the banner of auditory display. Auditory display, in a nutshell, is all about using sound to represent, or display, information where previously only visual techniques have been used. We may consider auditory display as the acoustic sibling of visualisation.

And it's not all just dusty research either. Using a technique called sonification Colin Angus of the group The Shamen has worked with biologists to map the characteristics of certain DNA sequences to music. A description of the work can be found in "PM- Protein Music", by King, Ross D and Angus, Colin G, in CABIOS, 1995. Not content with sharing the method with the research community, Colin has included an example of this as a track called S2 Translation on The Shamen's album Axis Mutatis.

If you happen to be a Shamen fan then why not have a look at their home page. To read more about my research into program auralisation then follow this link. Though program auralisation is my main theme (pardon the pun), I have a few other interests (follow link on navigation bar).