High-energy Particles in Hot Plasmas Project

High-energy particles play a key role in many processes in Astrophysical and laboratory plasmas including Sun, geomagnetic tail and laboratory experiments on magnetic reconnection and particle acceleration. These accelerated particles are accounted for a transport of the primary energy released in a magnetic reconnection point into deeper atmospheric levels, for the ambient plasma heating and generation of non-thermal hard X-ray, gamma-ray, microwave, ultraviolet and optical emission as well as for the simultaneous appearance of high energy particles and associated large-scale shocks in the interplanetary space and Earth magnetosphere.

This project is dedicated to theoretical investigation of the acceleration and propagation of high-energy particles (as beams or thermal fluxes) in flaring atmospheres with different magnetic field topologies relevant to astrophysical or laboratory plasmas. The project also thrives to develop a diagnostic tools in order to deduce high energy particle parameters at different atmospheric depths from simultaneous multi-wavelength observations of these plasmas in different experiments.

If you are interested in the origin of high energy particles in different magnetic field topologies and the scenarios of their transport into deeper atmospheres - welcome to our website!