Main Results

EPSRC project (2002-2005)

  1. Particle acceleration in the reconnecting current sheet
    - Particle motion inside a reconnecting current sheet
    - The effect of a magnetic field topology on the particle motion
    - The energy spectra of accelerated particles
    - The methods of the particle motion simulation
  2. Propagation of the high-energy particle beam in the flaring atmosphere
    - Numerical simulations of electron and proton beam kinetics in hot plasmas
    - The effect of the non-uniform plasma ionization / magnetic convergence / return current on the particle kinetics
    - Generation of non-thermal hard X-ray / microwave emission
  3. Atmospheric heating by the high-energy particle beams
    - Coulomb and Ohmic heating by a propagating electron beam
    - Heating by kinetic Alfven waves owing to the proton beam instability
  4. Numerical codes for the simulation of particle kinetics
    - Creation and optimization of the numerical codes for a calculation of electron/proton beam kinetics in hot plasmas
    - Creation and optimization of the numerical code for a calculation of the plasma heating by electron/proton beam