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Bio-Health Informatics

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Dr  Huseyin  Seker

Reader in Computer Science
Director of Enterprise and Engagement

Department of Computer and Information Sciences
Faculty of Engineering and Environment
The University of Northumbria at Newcastle

Pandon Building

Camden Street
The United Kingdom

e-mail  : huseyin.seker@northumbria.ac.uk



Research  Interests


Big Data Analytics

Internet of Things


Systems Biology

Computational Bio Marker Discovery

In-silico Drug Candidate Discovery

Mental and Social Care Informatics

Computer Games in Healthcare

Biomedical Image and Signal Processing

Personalised and Adaptive Digital Systems

Ensemble Computational Intelligence

Ensemble Pattern Recognition

Ensemble Statistical and Machine Learning

Fuzzy Support Vector Machine

Fuzzy Support Vector Regression

Ensemble Feature Selection

Data Stream and Dynamic Environment

Behaviour Modelling and Predicting

Mobile Computing in Health and Life Sciences


Recent  News


New project funded by Innovate UK-KTP with GE PII Oil and Gas Ltd


Dr Seker has been invited to deliver a talk at ICFSP 2017   (06-08 September 2017, Paris, France)


Dr Seker is an invited speaker at prestigious and influential industrial event “Big Data and IoT Summit” (17 May 2017, London, UK)


Dr Seker delivered his keynote speech “Life-saving knowledge discovery from Big Data” at ICCIT 2017 (12-14 April 2017, Kusadasi)


Dr Seker delivered his keynote speech “Computational Discovery of New Peptides with Desired Binding Affinity” at ICEEE 2017 (8-10 April 2017, Ankara)


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